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10 Lines About Life

10 Lines About Life

1. The person you see today standing on the heights with strength—in fact, that person has gone through a lot of hard work in his era.

2. Our effort should be that the simpler we live our lives, the better results it brings. Where you start doesn't matter as much as what you end up doing.

3. A human being should never think of achieving just upto success, because when we think of success, we try to confine ourselves somewhere. Rather, we should always think of making ourselves better, because there is no limit to making ourselves better than yesterday.

4. The less we expect others to do any work in life, the more quickly we will move on the path of success in life and live a happy life.

5. It is very easy to follow dreams with closed eyes, but it is very difficult to turn those dreams into reality with open eyes.

6. If a person acquires wisdom before time, then the challenges coming in the way of success in his life are solved.

7. A person should share his pain in front of others, where someone can easily read the silence on his face; there is no need to express it yourself.

8. We don't get happiness directly from money, but from the things that money buys that make us happy.

9. As long as there is life, the struggle of every human being continues. No one is sitting idle. It's important to work every day.

10. The same student is lazy and realizes that even if he does not wake up the next morning and study, he will be able to arrange for food and drink.

10 Lines About Life Without Gadgets

1. Gadgets are all electronic items that simplify our daily lives and help us solve difficult problems easily.

2. Without gadgets, we will not be able to access all the news happening at home as well as abroad. And by the time they arrive, some more new news will be added.

3. Without gadgets like laptops, we have to rely on paper and large registers for most of our work. The work that was dealt with in the first minutes in every office will now take hours.

4. Without gadgets like mobiles and video game players, children will now step out from the get of the house to play games, come to the fields, and play cricket, football, and gilli-danda games with street children.

5. Without smartphone gadgets, children will stop getting online education, and our mothers-sisters will not get to see new recipes and trendy designer clothes online.

6. There is every hope that the era will return when everyone comes out of their homes and increases cooperation with each other.

7. Without Google Maps, traveling to remote places will be an adventure for anyone.

8. In the absence of gadgets like cameras, when we go to visit new places, we can only save those memories with imagination. Also, no weddings, birthdays, or festivals; I can't take good photos and videos.

9. If there were no gadgets like television, I would not be able to watch my favorite channels like Discovery, Sony TV, Doordarshan, DD Sports, and News. Also, I won't be able to watch superhit films every week on Sony Max.

Some 10 True Lines about Life

1. As soon as possible in life, we should get used to walking alone. Because after a time in life, everyone has to travel alone on the journey ahead.

2. The person who have a great foundation more firmly touches great heights.

3. We can't buy time with money, and also we can never get it back.

4. We should expect as much as less from that person, so that when that expectation is broken, we must not scattered.

5. A beautiful face may attract everyone, but without a good character no one can sustain foreever in front of that attractive face.

6. If a person removes the burden of his expectations from another person, then most of the suffering in that person's life will end.

7. If money is stolen or lost, it can be earned again, but if the character is gone, the lost character is not returned.

8. Student life opens the door to new aspirations, so every student should live their student life in a better way.

9. Nowadays, most people are running blindly after earning money, but if the body is not healthy, then there is no happiness in seeing the bank balance.

10. The bitter truth of this life is that no one wants to stand with a loser, especially for boys, but everyone likes to take credit when it comes to success.

10 Lines on life without Education

1. If I don't study on time, I won't be able to earn money on time.

2. Because of this, I can never buy what I need for my life, my hobbies, and my favorite things.

3. By not writing studies, I will not be able to know my rights, due to which the corrupt people of society will take advantage of my weakness and exploit me.

4. I will not be able to connect with society without proper learning of social values ethics and knowledge.

5. In the event that I am weak in my studies, I will also be unable to give a better future to my future generation.

6. In the absence of education, the illiterate person feels cut off from the world, and then the leper will feel isolated.

7. No person will get a respectable place in society due to a lack of good education. No one can live a good life without education.

8. A person who is educated rules everyone's heart with his or her expressive skills.

9. If no human being receives education, our social situation will also become like that of animals again.


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